Random Chat

What is a Random Chat? A random chat is a type of online chat where users are paired with a random stranger to chat with. The pairing is typically done through an algorithm that matches users based on common interests, location, or other factors. Some random chat websites online require users to login and some … Read more

How to Attract a New Relationship

Attracting a new relationship can be a difficult task, especially if you’re not sure where to start. However, there is one secret that can help you attract the perfect person for you: being true to yourself. Be true to yourself Many people try to change themselves or hide their true selves in order to attract … Read more

Can I talk to strangers when in a relationship?

An Internet friend is just a friend…or? We are interested in your opinion: is it ok to talk to strangers online if you are in a relationship? Or is it cheating? We kindly asked our users to let us know what their take is on this sensitive subject. Approximately a third of the responses answered … Read more

How to be Internet safe in chat rooms

The Internet is an awesome tool that can help you find people with common interests. But what is there to do to stay safe online? Read on to get a few tips on how to stay safe on the Internet. If you have the urge to talk to a stranger – maybe you feel alone or … Read more

History of Chat Rooms Online

History of chat

This article will go back to the history of chat rooms online, starting from the IRC client up to the latest clients of the Internet era. Let’s start from the beginning. The abbreviation IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It was invented by Jarkko Oikarinen (don’t confuse this with “Jarkko’s Law”) on August 6th, 1988. … Read more

Conversation Topics

Conversation piece

Do you find it hard to reach out to strangers? Are you afraid of the awkward silence? Have a hard time breaking the ice? Then read our list of great conversation starters, that will spice up your conversations, whether it’s an online conversation or a chat in the physical world. How to avoid being boring? … Read more

How to ask someone out on a Date

If you are hesitant to invite someone on a date – do not worry. This guide will help you find ways forward. How to ask someone out over text? Do you have your potential date’s number or any other way to contact him or her over text? Great. This will make this journey much easier. … Read more

Best First Date Ideas

Best location for a first date. Maybe at the lake?

What is the best idea for a first date? The boring (and also correct) answer would be – it depends. It depends on what you and your date would like to do and where you feel the most comfortable. If you don’t have a date yet, please read how to ask someone out on a date. … Read more

How to Make Friends Online

How to Make Friends Online

Users tell us that one of the reasons they regularly come back to the site is to chat and make new friends. To put it crudely, not everyone wants to chat because they’re feeling flirty! Sometimes you just want to hang out and talk about stuff. Movies, bands, that cliffhanger episode of the Walking Dead last night. Or … Read more

Ten Best Ways to Meet New Friends in Real Life

Meet new people in real-life

We are lucky to live in the era of the Internet. It’s now easier than ever to meet new people, whether it’s for friendship or dating. Today, however, we’ll go back to basics: how to meet new people in real life. Invite potential friends to do something with you A person you already know briefly is, naturally, easier … Read more