Can I talk to strangers when in a relationship?

An Internet friend is just a friend…or? We are interested in your opinion: is it ok to talk to strangers online if you are in a relationship? Or is it cheating?

We kindly asked our users to let us know what their take is on this sensitive subject.

Approximately a third of the responses answered ‘It depends’.

It’s all about trust and faith. If they are both ok with it there is no issue. Relationship should not be a wall between friendship.

This person thinks there should be an openness for new friendships to thrive, even though you are in a relationship. But you need to communicate with your partner – he or she shouldn’t be surprised by your online friends.

A more extended response from one of our users, who thinks it’s necessary to have clear lines of what is and what is not ok:

Okay so, as long as you aren’t doing anything sexual with them or flirting with them there isn’t a problem. And if they start acting like they want to be more then friends you shut it down. As long as your intentions are clear that you just want to be friends and no sexual stuff i dont see how it’s a problem? When you’re in a relationship do you stop talking to your friends ? No. If you do then thats a whole other issue. If you only talk to strangers to sext or cyber or whatever well that’s on you.

Sometimes people dont seem to realize that behind the screen is an actual person who has feelings too. […] Relationships are about trust as well. If you break that trust well thats on you but if you havent and youre honest with your partner then there shouldnt be a problem. Be honest. Be open.

If someone you’re chatting with hits on you or has the wrong idea shut it down ASAP. If youre developing feelings for someone else – stop and back up a minute and decide is it worth risking your relationship you have for? This happens in person as well. But. Trust. That is the key. Love. It’s what keeps a relationship alive even if youre 3000 miles away.

Is it cheating if you are emotionally involved with someone you chat with?

It depends on what you talk about but it is cheating emotionally. And people come out here seeking relationships or sexting which are things you should do with your partner only.


Make sure to communicate with your partner so that you are on the same page regarding what’s ok and not ok in a relationship. This applies to real life as well. If you want to chat with other people, fine. But don’t cross any boundaries that you and your better half have set up together. Happy chatting!