How to ask someone out on a Date

If you are hesitant to invite someone on a date – do not worry. This guide will help you find ways forward.

How to ask someone out over text?

Do you have your potential date’s number or any other way to contact him or her over text? Great. This will make this journey much easier. First, make sure that you and your future date (yes!) get to know each other a bit. Asking someone out that you don’t know won’t work, as the barrier is too high and scary (believe me, I have tried and failed).

To sum up, take your time to get to know your date before you ask him or her out.

When the get-to-know-part is completed, it’s time for our next step: hinting.

For example, if you text over a TV show or a movie you both enjoy, hint that you would enjoy watching it together:

We should watch Stranger Things together sometime!

This is a hypothetical proposal that your date can say yes to without you actually having a date and this makes it much more easy for you to get a feel if the two of you are on the same page.

To sum up, these steps help you ask your crush for a date:

  1. Get to know your future date – maybe he or she already is in a relationship.
  2. Ask them out hypothetically. In private, when no one else is around.
  3. Let your date have an easy way out.
  4. Don’t be too greedy – let your date contact you over text sometimes as well. Don’t always be the initiator.
  5. When you are ready, ask them out for a specific event. This will make it easier for your date to answer yes (…or no).
  6. If you get a yes, great! Congratulations.
  7. If you get a no, try not to show that it made you sad (I know it will…). Try to keep that light and fun feeling of the conversation. Try to think “not yet…maybe in the future”.

Great, you have a date planned! It’s time to get some good best first date ideas.