How to be Internet safe in chat rooms

The Internet is an awesome tool that can help you find people with common interests. But what is there to do to stay safe online? Read on to get a few tips on how to stay safe on the Internet.

If you have the urge to talk to a stranger – maybe you feel alone or have something to discuss but don’t want to talk to your friends about this specific topic – then talking to a stranger online can be a great way. But, what about safety? Can I be really anonymous? Sure.

How to use the Internet safely?

Take your time to get to know someone online. Don’t rush it. And be careful when sharing personal information. If you plan to meet someone you met online – suggest the first meeting to be in a public spot – a cafe or similar.

What is a Stranger Meetup website?

Actually, StrangerMeetup is a brand and one of the early random chat websites with more than 10 years online. is one of the safest and best websites and apps to talk to strangers, without the need to log in. A great app if you want to text strangers live.

A Stranger Meetup website can also be described as a website for online meetup, for people who want to talk to other people. A person is placed in a private chatroom with another person – randomly coupled.

Where can I talk anonymously?

There are plenty of chat websites these days. Most of them work the same and struggle with the same issues (bots, spam, etc.). StrangerMeetup is one of these websites and also one of the oldest. Chatgig, Chatblink, Omegle and Tohla are other similar random chat websites.

Can someone track your IP address?

The simple answer is no. However (there is always a however, isn’t there?), even the safest and the website with most technicians can have vulnerabilities that can be attacked. Even if someone track you IP address, it’s quite hard to do any harm.

Where can I talk to strangers about my problems?

You can talk to strangers about your problems on any of the websites listed above as safe chatting websites. Don’t start with a rant about your problems though, you will probably scare away the stranger you are talking to.