Chat with strangers

Chat with strangers in private chat rooms. Find new friends or date online – with real users from almost 200 countries waiting for you. Learn more or read our blog.

Chat anonymously and free

The chat service is completely anonymous, your chat partner cannot see who you are.

Private chat rooms

Our chat service lets you text chat with randomly selected people from all over the world in private chat rooms.

No registration needed

You don't have to spend time with registration forms – just chat with a stranger. No registration is required in order to use our chat service. Our chat service is free to use.

Public chat rooms

Too shy to chat head to head in a private chat room? We also have public chat rooms, where more than two users chat together. Meet people in our chat rooms.

Become a member

Even though it's possible to use our chat service without registration, the most convenient way to use our chat service is to become a member. The advantages are many:

Friend list
Stay connected with your new friends you've met during chat.
Out of sight – out of mind
Make sure you are seen. With the option to personalize your profile photo and user alias, your viewability will increase. This is very important, whether you are searching for friendship or dating.
Clean chat
We work hard to keep our chat rooms clean, keeping bots out and real people in. We succeed more often with our authenticated users.
Public chat rooms
Our public chat rooms are free to join, but you need an account. Each chat room has a specific topic: Dating, friendship etc. This will help you find likeminded people to talk to.


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Introducing accounts

Finally, it is possible to become a StrangerMeetup member. Of course, it's free.

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Chat introduction

Before you chat with a stranger, make sure to read some of our top articles below. They're all on the social life topic, with pieces of advice that work both here on StrangerMeetup and in real life. Remember, first impression last!


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