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Welcome to StrangerMeetup!

It’s awesome to have you stop by! We really hope you enjoy our anonymous chat service and that it helps you to connect with great people from around the world. It’s crafted with love and maintained to ensure you have a safe and secure chat experience.

Meet the Team

StrangerMeetup was started by Andreas and Eva, from Sweden, back in 2010. Our vision was to create a site where people just like you could come to start chatting with like- minded people without having to login or disclose your identity.

We decided to make StrangerMeetup anonymous because we wanted to give people like you the chance to start chatting without having to disclose who you are. You can chat on Facebook or SnapChat with your friends, but sometimes it can be cool to just start a conversation with someone you don’t know. There’s an amazing energy in that and you can be surprised by the freedom of chatting with strangers who won’t judge you.

Why Can’t I Share Video ?

Sure, it’s cool to share video with friends on services like Instagram, Vine or Twitter. But we wanted Strangermeetup to be something different. We wanted to give you something like everyday conversation where you just chat. A picture can tell a thousand words, so pictures can be send to your contacts.

Is StrangerMeetup safe?

Definitely. You don’t have to download any software or apps. You can just get started chatting once you visit the website. We also don’t store your information permanently. If you’re concerned, make sure you read our Privacy Policy. Our commitment to you is to provide the safest and most secure anonymous chat environment possible.

We like to think that the community of people that use Strangermeetup to chat anonymously online everyday treat each other with the same respect they would show to someone if they sat down and started talking in a café, bar or anywhere for that matter. So please make sure you that you treat people with respect and be friendly. That way you’ll make Strangermeetup a great chat experience for yourself and others.

What makes StrangerMeetup special?

We like to think that the community of people who use this service make it the best place to connect online to chat and meet new people.

We do our absolute best to make sure our service is the fastest chatting experience on the Net – no matter if you’re on an old computer, a super powerful laptop, tablet, iPhone or Android.
Chat with strangers.
Anonymous. Safe. Free.