How to Talk to Strangers Online

Learn how to start talking to strangers without being awkward about it.
Your journey to become a small talking friend-making expert starts here.

Talk to strangers

You are at a bar. Or a party. Everyone seems to have great fun. But you. You hesitate on what questions you should ask, if you were to start talking to a stranger. Small talk maybe isn't your best sport. Yet.

The first thing to keep in mind that this social skill isn't static. It can be trained and improved.

The difference between chatting with strangers online and in real-life

A great way to train the skill of approaching strangers is to talk to strangers online. A chat online between two strangers can be easier – it's all about the text messages and not eye contact, body language and so on. To focus on purely one thing makes it feel less awkward.

Why Should I Talk to Strangers?

I bet you remember that day when you started to talk to a stranger and it made your day. Some of us have the gift that makes talking to strangers the most natural thing in the world (which it is!). Others just need a little bit of practice.

In most cases, talking to strangers will make you will feel more alive and happy. Loneliness is a known risk factor: it can shorten your life.

Studies show that people are happier when they have more social interactions:
"...we are happier when being social, interacting with people we know and like, and having more in-depth conversations in which we disclose more."

How to Talk to Strangers?

  1. Be brave and worry less.

    If you struggle to make contact with people in the physical world, try to talk to strangers online as a start. It will help you when you talk to strangers in the physical world later.

    Try not to overthink it, just start a conversation. So what if the gets awkward? If you keep going with the chat, it will probably be better very soon.
  2. Make eye contact

    Try to make eye contact and smile. A friendly expression signals that you are open to connect with other people.

  3. Be curious.

    Ask questions to the stranger you are talking to. Let them know that you want to get to know them.

  4. Find the common grounds.

    Try to find commonalities between you and the stranger you are talking to. Why are you at the same place? Do you have any mutual friends?

  5. Chat responsibly

    Even though this chat is moderated, frogs sometimes slips through our mouth. Help us by keeping our community as friendly as possible

  6. Look out for each other

    If you see any form of harassment, report it to a moderator.

How to Talk to Strangers during Pandemic?

During a pandemic, people ought to stay inside and meet as few other people as possible. So, what now? Well, remember that even though online can't replace real life, online is safe, even during a pandemic.

Remember the human at the other end

We are all Internet friends here. Do your best to make the stranger you talk to feel as great as possible.

Talk to Strangers
Talk to Strangers

How can I talk to an unknown person online?

There are tons of chat websites nowadays that let you chat online with people you do not yet know. StrangerMeetup is one of these websites. Often, no registration is required.

Where can I chat with Americans?

If you want to chat with people from the US, also known as Americans, you have come to the right place. Most of our users come from the US. Whether you are also from the US and want to chat with people nearby or if you live in a different country and would like to get to know people from the US, you have come to the right place. Chat with Americans is a great way to make new friends from the US.

How Can I Talk to a Girl Online?

A common feeling when you go to a bar or a club is that there are more men than women. According to, the 'natural' sex ratio at birth is around 105 boys per 100 girls.

There are lots of girls who chat online. According to our analytics tool, 33% of our users are girls.