Talk to Strangers

Talk to strangers

I bet you remember that day when you started to talk to a stranger and it made your day. Some of us have the gift that makes talking to strangers look as the most easy and natural thing in the world (which it is!). Others just need a little bit of practice.

In most cases, talking to strangers will make you will feel more alive and happy. In fact, loneliness is known risk factor: it can shorten your life.

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How to talk to Strangers?

Start easy. If you struggle to make contact with people in the physical world, try online as a starter.

How to talk to Strangers during Pandemic?

During a pandemic, people ought to stay inside and meet as few other people as possible. So, what now? Well, remember that even though online can't replace real life, pnline is safe, even during a pandemic.

Remember the human at the other end

We are all Internet friends here. Do your best to make the stranger you talk to feel as great as possible.

Chat responsibly

Even though this chat is moderated, frogs sometimes slips through our mouth. Help us by keeping our community as friendly as possible

Look out for each other

If you see any form of harassment, report it to a moderator.

Have fun!

Talking to strangers can be lots of fun.

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