Success Stories

Sometimes, people meet their soul mates online. They fall in love with a person they would have never met, if Internet wouldn't exist. Would you like to add your success story to this page? Mail us

I only just joined today and so far It's been great I have met many amazing people. This is just amazing. It's like I have no words for how wonderful this site is.
Lorelei, US. February 2024
I found my soulmate on StrangerMeetup — an amazing and almost unbelievable fact. I met him in September 2019, fell in love, and confessed my feelings in December of the same year. We reunited again in 2021, and our relationship is still going strong. It has been four years now, and perhaps in the years to come, I will bring him into my life for eternity. I can't thank you all enough for bringing such beautiful serendipity into my life. Divana, India. May 2023
In September 2017 I met an Australian on strangermeetup and we fell in love so fast. He came to Argentina to see me the next January 2018 but a month after our holidays here, we broke up because he was so stupid but I cant believe I founded that love on Internet! Thank you! Andrea Andrea, Argentina, March 2019
I came to StrangerMeetup with the mind that it is like every other place I have seen before, but my mind changed in weeks after I met a lot of people from other cultures, with different timezones, with another lifestyle but of course I am really interested in all this stories and all this humans around me. I think it is reallly interesting to see how other people live their lifes and how other cultures go, I live on a place which is really traditional and I really enjoy the stay on StrangerMeetup. I don't want to miss these people, they found a way to my heart and soul which is normaly secretly closed since many years, thank you. Hyde, Japan, April 2018
In November of 2016 I came here to meet someone, anyone that would be perfect for me. I didn’t just fall in love with one person, but instead I fell for so many wonderful people. I did find a guy to date, but what mattered most was having so many people to count on. Thank you, for giving me a chance to make valuable friendships! Robin, United States, March 2018
Last year I was able to meet a wonderful and breathtakingly amazing woman from Switzerland. We connected over Harry Potter and been talking since then with each other. We are now 8 months in a relationship. Thank you for bringing us together! Johnathan, Netherlands, March 2018
This year I met the most wonderful man on Strangermeetup. We spoke for hours on your site. And we kept in touch. After a long distance romance, we are now planning a future together. Our baby is due in March of next year. Thank you. Julie, United Kingdom, December 2017