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Pick the chat room below that suits you best. Single? Pick the dating chat room. Looking for friendship? Then your best pick is obviously the Friendship chat room. Happy chatting!

What are the most popular chat rooms?

The most popular chat rooms are the private chat rooms.

Chat Anonymously with Strangers

Chat online is fun! You get to discuss interesting topics with people from countries such as Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Unites States and many more. In order to chat in our public chat rooms you need an account, but you are free to chat in private with strangers, anonymously. No registration is required.

Public or private chat room – what's the difference?

A private chatroom is a meeting place aimed for two people, hence private. In a private chat rooms, it is safe to share information if you assess that the person you chat with is trustable. A public chat room is a chat room where open discussions take place. A public chat room is open to everyone, so feel free to join.

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Can I type anything in a chat room?

You are free to talk about any subject as long as you are respectful. Our chat rooms are moderated and we aim for our chat rooms to be a friendly place for strangers to meet online.

How do you communicate in an online chat room?

Communication in our chat rooms is text based. Messages are sent to the chat room, and everyone in the chat room can see your message.

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