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1) Find a safe, peaceful location to sit and relax. This can be a quiet location indoors or outside in nature. 2) Close your eyes, begin by cultivating a feeling of gratitude in your body. 3) Visualise the whole world waking up, poisoning & terraforming has stopped and beautiful clear skies and clean air are returning. The Earth is healing. (Important to express this in present tense) Now visualise a safer world for our children to flourish. Evil has been culled and those responsible for despicable crimes against humanity are held accountable. The matrix of lies is exposed and replace this outdated heirachal system with a circular one. The cabal no longer rule, humans coexist and help each other thrive and evolve. We develop new ways for humans, nature and technology exist in balance. Introduce circular processes as nature intended ♾ Anything false, deceptive, distorted, corrupted or harmful is removed/transformed into something beneficial. 4) Continue for 5-30 mins. Repeat daily. Imagine the power of millions of us all thinking positivity and manifesting solutions to a better world. If nothing else, it will help us promote inner peace and combat the constant fear mongering attacks on our consciousness. Z= for victory/ V= the truth