Ten Best Ways to Meet New Friends in Real Life

We are lucky to live in the era of the Internet. It’s now easier than ever to meet new people, whether it’s for friendship or dating. Today, however, we’ll go back to basics: how to meet new people in real life.

Invite potential friends to do something with you

A person you already know briefly is, naturally, easier to contact rather than a total stranger. Is there someone at work or at school who seems nice, friendly, and interesting? Invite him/her to do something with you. If you like the same music you could go to a concert. Or maybe you both love pastry? Maybe trying out the new coffee place together could be a fun activity.

Join a Gym

Whether you like lifting weights or you are more of a yoga person, joining a gym is a perfect way to meet new people. This way you know for sure that you have at least one thing in common, and that is a good starting point. And hey, your body gets a good workout out of it at the same time!


Traveling makes most of us more open to new relationships. Just make sure you do not go to a total couples place, people on romantic trips often want to be left alone.

Get a New Hobby

Of course, this is a traditional way of meeting people. Still, it can work! Sign up for a dance class, join the local chess club, or maybe join a choir if you like singing. Or take a food course, in worst case your cooking skills improve. In best case, you meet new friends.

Accept Every Invitation

Say yes! I know, you are tired and want to go straight home from work. But if someone asks you to join them, just go with it and see where it leads.

A Friend of a Friend of a Friend…

This is maybe the easiest way to get to know new people, though it requires that you already have at least one friend. If you feel a little shy it is often a lot easier to talk to a friend of a friend as opposed to approaching a total stranger.

Buy a Puppy

There is a great chance you will meet other dog owners when taking your dog for a walk in the park, and as a bonus, you get a lot of exercise.

Through Family

Perhaps you have a cousin who is about the same age, or maybe your grandmother has a wonderful neighbor? Either way, try to open your eyes to the possibilities that surround you. Think of everyone you meet as a potential friend.

Arrange a Party

Invite people over and ask everyone to bring at least two friends. If you feel like you have no one to invite, ask your co-workers or people from school.

Through the Internet

This is not real life, you might argue. Of course, you are right, but chatting with someone online could lead to a real-life meeting. People visit chat forums and social media to socialize so chances are someone wants to make friends in real life also.

That’s it! Go get some new friends. But also, take care of the friends you already got.