How to Catch a Girl’s Attention

Trying to catch a girl’s attention, whether it is in a chat room on the Internet or in a pub, might be like yelling for help in the middle of the ocean if you don’t know what you are doing… There’s a chance someone will hear it but likely it will fall on deaf ears. Here’s some tips on how to grab that special someone’s attention or to make friends with someone you think has that special X Factor.

Step 1. The Introduction.

Introducing yourself is the most obvious step in getting to know anyone, but you may be surprised that most people do it very wrong. An example of a bad introduction I often see in the chat rooms is “Hey PM now”. Think of it like real life, would you go to a random stranger and say lets PM, or would you just look insane. Probably insane since there’s no private message windows in real life :D.

A different approach would be “He guys, my names Banana nice to meet you all.”.

Step 2. Joining the Conversation.

Start discussion topics about anything from Trump, Aliens attacking, to any quirky event from your personal life? Trying to properly include yourself in the conversation can catch the attention of that special someone. Don’t just agree with that person’s views, try to discuss the topic and add your own views on it.

Example: “Donald Trump is controlled by the illuminati, everything that he’s done has been to make cows take over the world.”. An example of what not to do is “Spammmmm spam Mr.. Spam hi spam Bonjour la Spammmmmmmmmmmmmmm”. Likely a moderator will warn you instead and trust me you don’t want that attention.

Step 3. Connecting Personally.

This is where it really depends on you. Are you playful, evil, or are you just trying to make friends?. Try to get your personality out there and avoid being generic. Don’t follow in the failed footprints of “Hey request picture… Here’s my BANANA” (Not actually a banana this time). Bring your own personality to the conversation, that special thing that makes you and if that person likes it you may just meet someone special or make a lifelong friend. You never know – lightning could strike.