Flirt Online Guide - Our 4 Best Tips

| by Veronica Bree Flirt online guide

When one of my girlfriends tells me she’s met someone new, my first question is always:

Does he give good email?

I say “good email” but really this applies to all situations where you are communicating only in writing.

Let’s face it, if you are trying to flirt by text or email you only have your words to get their attention! So listen up: here are 4 ways to be an awesome online chatter.

You don’t even have to be perfect at spelling or grammar.

Tip #1: Assume the Best

So you’re feeling a little flirtatious. Maybe a little bored. You’re looking for a little adventure. You click that “Chat with a Stranger” button and meet another Stranger in a completely private chat room.

What next? Strangers, assume the best.

Because you’re looking for attractive banter, it’s tempting to write “A/S/L” right out of the gate. Why waste your time?

That’s exactly the problem. You’ve just told this Stranger you think they might be a waste of your time. Not exactly a great first impression!

It’s also a really unattractive way to let someone know you’re in the mood.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be clear about what you’re looking for. You can be upfront. It’s all in your delivery. Keep reading.

Tip #2: Make that First Sentence Count

Whether you start chatting, or they do, that first sentence can make or break you. You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Or, you might...but with x number of people on at any given time...the odds are against you and probably neither of you will know it.

Show them what they’re getting when they talk to you. This is where you can be clear, too, about what you’re looking for.

Instead of, “A/S/L?” you can say:

Sound corny? Hey, put it in your own words. But include these ingredients:

If your chat partner responds well, it’s time for the actual chatting.

Tip #3: Details are appealing. Get Descriptive

Your words are your foreplay here, Strangers. IRL you’d have your eyes and hands to do the talking. But you’re not IRL. You’re in a chatroom.

Your words need to do the talking - and touching, and get the idea.

Here are some ideas for how to say it.

Tip #4: Have Fun!

You did come here to have fun, right?

If you’re feeling inspired to try out these tips, why not come to the chatroom? Maybe I’ll see you in there.

Photo: Creative commons licensed by Martin Mutch.