How to get a photo from a stranger in 3 steps

Stranger, have you ever been in chat and wanted to see what your chat partner looks like? You’ve just met this really cool person and you’re having fun chatting…but you wonder, who is this person?

StrangerMeetup is an anonymous chat room, but, sometimes you’re ready to step out from behind the curtain and make more of a connection with a fellow Stranger.

This is a really exciting part of Stranger chatting. StrangerMeetup sets you up for a blind date. Then you have to actually ask this person out, aka, ask for a picture.

That’s easier said than done. How do you approach this subject without sounding creepy?
Pro-tip: “cn I haz a pic plz?” is usually not the road to success here.

Here’s how you politely request a photo from a Stranger in the chat.

Step #1: Understand You’ll Have to Share, Too

Are you sure you’re ready? Because when you ask for a picture…you’re going to have to send one too.

Do you have a recent, friendly photo of yourself to share? No? Snap one with your webcam or smartphone.

It’s worth saying: not everybody appreciates shots of your family blessings. I prefer not to receive that kind of photo until I have already seen someone’s face. I usually exit a chat if my partner’s first hello comes from underneath their underwear.

Step #2: Do This Before You Click “Request a Picture”

It’s pretty simple, really. Ask your chat partner nicely if you could both exchange pictures. Tell him you like to see the person you’re chatting with because it makes the experience more meaningful.

Similar to what I said above, err on the side of caution. Send a picture of your smiling face, first. See where it leads.

Step #3: Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Pay your chat partner a compliment! Sending a picture to a Stranger can feel a little scary. Let them know they have a cute smile, or really interesting wall art. Where were they hiking when someone took that photo? Etc.

I strongly recommend NOT saying, “You have such a good face for radio.”

Now that You Know the Etiquette…Try It Out!

I love exchanging photos with Strangers. So many interesting people are on StrangerMeetup and it’s great to connect in a deeper way.

So if you find me in the chatroom, Stranger, ask me politely for a photo, and I’ll be happy to oblige.

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