Chat Acronyms. Widely used. Hard to Remember.

You know the basics of chat slang. LOL, LMAO, or even ROTFLMAO. You’re having a great time chatting with another Stranger. But then they send a message like this:

My boss just called, G2G, BBIAB. I’ll be AFK for 10

or maybe:

This message is 4YEO :-*

OMG! What’s a Stranger to do?

Stranger, I can’t even keep up with these chat acronyms half the time. Just when you think you know them all…new ones pop up.

Google search has got your back. For the most part you can type any of those bad boys in and it will spit out a reference for you.

Although, the other day I was chatting with another Stranger who said to me:


Google said this could be Chow Yun Fat, Christian Youth Fellowship…wait, no. Cross Your Fingers is what made the most sense!

So, Google isn’t perfect. My go-to is usually But there’s also Net Lingo and Webopedia and Chat Abbreviations…honestly, there are so many!

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t just ask the Stranger, CYF, what does that mean?

The unspoken rule of chat etiquette is: search before you ask.

I don’t know about you, Stranger, but if I’m chatting with someone who keeps asking me what I mean…well then it’s time for LMGTFY.

Be a good chat partner, Stranger. Look up those acronyms. On the flip side, don’t use too many acronyms yourself!

Know a better chat acronym source? Come find me in the chat and tell me your favorite. I’m eager to hear.