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To all those who have sent few messages...m extremely sorry i m unable to respond each of you.I will reply you all wgenever possible to me. Thanks a lot I havent expected that anyone on this site will want what i want .Thanks for pproving mewrong. And I dont want to force my opinion on anyone but I am shocked to see the increasing sexting in youth which is just unnecessary path they are getting very easily. I know deep down that they are doing this unknowingly. I am in search of all those strangers who will support me on this mission. I want to gather those people in my list who really think that its just an effect of our situation that we tend to fall in such mess. Its our responsibility to share what we have experienced and that needs to be taught to those who are just beginning their journey towards this path. Listen to them even if its sexting but take a promise at the end of the chat that they will try not to do this as a habbit. Take a promise that even if they want they wont ask a word about sexting . We here to support them We here to listen whatever they want us to listen but in the end its not something thats a good thing. Come here share ,get support make friends and spread whats good for them ,whats good for society. I dont want others to learn sexting. I want them to get out of there situation without sexting and make life even more adventurous.I want them to be someone who is really strong and one who believes in spreading good even if its hards for them. I have heard from many that they are getting addicted day by day. They want our help to get them out of this. But instead every stranger they meet talks about sexting. And they are unable to control themselves from doing this. Let those people come out of this. I want everyone to ask few questions like: Why they are here... Why they got addicted to this... Do they want to get out of this... What if i wont do sexting with you... I can surely tell you that all these people are really the most capable youth who has unknowingly been trapped into this. They are waiting for someone to get them out of this mess. They are crying for help. Please support me on this mission. I want those youth back who are waiting for the normal life. I wont force anyone to do asI want its all your own choice.. Those who want can send me a request so that we can be together. I am trying to talk atleast 5 people everyday just few are there who dont want to come out of this as their situation is really difficult. I hope they wil try atleast lessen the habbit. I cant force them either but just 5 people everyday is something i am achieving. I am happy that they still believe that what i am doing should be continued no matter they will be with me or not, they want what we are trying to achieve. They are okay with what we are trying.