Why Can't Users Dismiss/Block Profiles from Random Chats?

  • Every user knows what I'm going on about right? You sign-in, you click "chat with stranger", and even though the listed online total is some insane amount of people from all around the world, you keep being connected to the same six or so names. Why?

    Nothing against anyone, but if one has already gone thru identifying the other "stranger", and determined that together there won't be any meaningful chatting, why not remove that name from the "random" list? It ought to be simple, no?

    Wouldn't this function make "strangermeetup" so much better?

  • yes m also agree with this....while we r clicking on chat with stranger...only few members are getting connected randomly.......but the system was showing more 3K are online.............................

  • The connect two strangers algoritm could definitely become smarter, thanks for your feedback!

  • you r right man

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