Make a wish

  • Let me know how your visit here could improve.

  • I wish to travel abroad

  • Features to block user or change username would be awesome!

  • @SummerSky on the way!

  • @Andreas

    1. Storing the message. As when we chat alot then the previous messages gets automatically deleted.
    2. Storing pictures, voice notes and videos.
    3. Blocking a user. So, after blocking him/her he neither come in our stranger chat as well as can't request us till the point we unblock him/her.
    4. Like we post text in our feed till now, we can post images and videos there as well.
      After these I think this would be pretty good platform.

  • @Andreas

    I just hope that the chats are monitored a bit better than they were at the beginning of this site.

    I was a constant visitor here since the beginning and i fell in love with the idea of meeting all kinds of people with different stories and culture's without the use of facecams, most people were a joy to speak with while others not so much.
    I began using these chat rooms when i was an early teen and looking back that was not the best decision but it was a great experience at the time and i seemed to always be able to avoid and turn away creeps .
    That is until the day that i didn't and i just hope that doesn't happen to anyone else with you guys taking actions to stop that if you haven't already.

    And please consider updating the mobile app so more people could enjoy this experience ❤.

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